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Sunken Pirate Ship Room

Mark Dyer and DCI Homes Inc.

Who is DCI Homes, Inc.? You may be asking yourself this question. You know, as well as we do, that any company is only as strong as its leadership. It is because of the leadership that DCI Homes, Inc. is one of the few custom builders that have survived & even thrives in our current economy. Mark Dyer, owner and founder of DCI Homes, Inc. has been refining his craftsmanship and artistic skills his entire life and has had many teachers along the way, but none as vital to his business as the owner of Two Trails Inc., Drew Smith. Drew has had a huge influence in Mark’s career path and passion for Green building and living. Growing up in a family of artists has taught Mark many of the fine artistry skills passed down from one generation to the next. He was taught to work hard, respect the trade and always excel at what he set out to do. Drew has passed along to Mark the passion for Green Building and an overall care for not only the environment but more importantly the environment that you the home owner are going to be living in for what could be the rest of your life. Mark has had a lifelong love of working with his hands and creating beautiful works of art. Soon after High School, Mark began his own business in Atlanta, Georgia, under the name Dyer Contracting, Inc. Following a move to the beautiful state of North Carolina, Mark reopened his company and now is known as DCI Homes, Inc. Mark has been building and designing custom homes and remodeling work for more than ½ his life and it shows in the quality workmanship he puts into everything he touches. He has made a commitment to be a Green Builder in the State of North Carolina and is not only a leading expert in the Green building industry, but a Certified Green Verifier (CGV) using the ANSI approved Green Standard for the Home Innovation Research Labs  and Two Trails Inc. and a Green Building Technical Professional (GBTP) certified through the Green Building University.  Mark Dyer is an accomplished award winning builder. DCI Homes has not only been awarded Best Home and Design in the state of North Carolina but has beaten 12 states of builders in annual competitions. You can read more about this by clicking on the “Image Gallery” tab on the tool bar then clicking on any of the  “Aurora Awards” Icons or NC State Stars Awards listed.

Mark places a special hand on attention to all of his Mark Dyer Signature Series Custom Designed Homes, although all DCI Homes are Energy Star and Certified Green. It may be a mantle elegantly crafted from timber taken from your own land, an inlaid floor medallion, custom concrete countertops inlaid with sentimental shells from your family’s beach trips or custom built cabinetry, all of which are done with the utmost care and skill. Mark takes pride in the homes he builds for his Clients and they in turn take pride in their quality built Green home, for only the finest craftsmanship has gone into every detail. DCI Homes has always prided themselves on their timely work ethic and their attention to detail, but now with the new dimension of Green Building and Energy Star, it will only make a quality crafted home even better and more efficient and affordable to live in.

Here is a fun article that was published in the Burlington Times News some time back:

Cave men: Alamance County fellas show off their pads, prep for game day By Michael D. Abernethy / Times-News 02/04/2011 2:42 PM

Mark Dyer has made a successful career out of innovative, green-designed homes, taking home state building awards for his creative construction concepts. His first man cave was street-scene inspired, designed to reflect a late night in New York City.

When he built his next home, Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” was on his brain. It was always one of his favorite rides at the theme park and the blockbuster movie series played into his childhood fantasies.

Part whimsy, part spectacle, his basement now resembles a sunken ship, lined with undersea paintings and planks of salvaged wood suspended from walls and ceilings.

Stalactites hang from portions of the ceiling above a circa-1900 pool table. Shimmering lights reflect off surfaces and resemble gentle, wave-refracted sunlight.

He designed and built the entire room himself. The focus is a specially designed projector-screen wall and custom-built sound system. Powered by a 600-watt amp, the 18-inch subwoofer is hidden in a mechanical room. The physics required 14.9 cubic feet of airspace to move sound.

“When the subwoofer is meeting maximum specs, the airflow in and out of the 8-inch port moves at mach 2,” Dyer says. “It took longer to design it and do the math for it than to build it.”

Displayed in a lit case are sports memorabilia, including boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali when Dyer and his wife, Sherri, met The Greatest one night.

Family game nights and kids’ parties on the Nintendo Wii are a routine highlight of the room, and movies explode on the screen, Dyer said. The Dyers host church youth and young adult gatherings in the room, too.

He planned for about 30 people to take in Super Bowl XLV on the giant screen there.
Just down the road, Chris Penny’s cave is proof that a man’s favorite room should reflect his interests.

While it doesn’t have the extravagances of Dyer’s and Albright’s, it is his sanctuary. Home to just about every science-fiction film or series you could name, Penney’s upstairs room is solely his.

He married Deb in May 2005 and they lived in an apartment several years before moving into a home that Dyer built.

“I’ve never had a room like this,” Penny says, and after some pleading, Deb let him have an upstairs wing.

It houses a 7.1 surround sound system that shakes the room like a plane on take-off during the first flight sequence of “Star Wars: Episode III.” A Samsung 51-inch rear-projection HD TV blasts colors at you.

He’s still perfecting it, bit by bit. One wall is covered in Atari Asteroids. A large-sized cutout of Doctor Who’s TARDIS — a time and space-travel machine that resembles an English phone booth from the long-running BBC series.

He plans to expand a display case for his science fiction memorabilia, including rare “Star Wars” and “Doctor Who” collectibles.

Two large DVD cases are stuffed with box sets and special editions of classic films.
“There’s not too many chick-flicks in there,” Deb says, as she leaves her husband to his cave.

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