Green Building


        Green Building, Certification and New and Innovative Technologies can be studied all about on these two helpful links below.  DCI Homes, Inc. is a certified Verifier with Home Innovation Research Labs.  We do not however, verify our own homes, that would be a conflict of interest.  Being a Verifier makes us experts ourselves.  This makes it easier for us to understand the newest, latest, and greatest in the industry and its technologies.  Why is that important?  The experts at DCI Homes, Inc. not only applies Green building practices and technologies in designing and building your home, we make it easy for our clients to understand green without having to go into the complicated scientific language and lingo of Green building experts or in layman’s terms,  we make it easy for you to understand and apply it in your home and life.  

        For example: you drive a car everyday right? Well, not many people actually know all of the engineering and physics that go into thier car. They just get in and drive….often times never even doing the basics in caring for their cars. Such as normal maintenance ie: checking the tire pressure, checking the fluid levels, checking the brake pads and so on.  


Home Innovation Research Labs is one of the ways home builders nationally have the homes verified as Green Certified.

Another way that they can be Verified as Green Certified is through LEED for Home.