The DCI Difference

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Why Choose Us?

Build Green Today For a Better Tomorrow is more than just a saying it is our mission. We pride ourselves on the details.

It is our goal to build all of our homes so that the existing ecosystem of each home has minimal disturbance on its current environment. Each home is a custom designed masterpiece that achieves the comfort, beauty and tranquility that our customers deserve while giving them the assurance that their home is environmentally friendly.

Because of the way that our homes are build through the use of nationally certified building practices and components, true energy efficiency is achieved and Building homes Green decreases the homes overall carbon foot print. All of our homes are not only Energy Star Certified but are Green Certified through the strict guidelines and standards set forth by the Home Innovation Research labs.

Our houses use of: Energy Star appliances, LED puck lights in lieu of can lights of old, indoor air quality, green label carpets and hardwoods, low VOC paints, Low formaldehyde emission custom built cabinetry, low VOC Adhesives, recycled building materials, Rinnai instant hot water heater and so on, help to conserve on energy usage. Through these standards and building practices implemented our customers will live in their healthy built home that will contribute to their overall health for the life of their home and generations to come!

Details in design, details in finishes, details in structure. It’s what is behind the walls that you can’t see that really makes us shine. Let us walk you through your building process one feature at a time. We build quality throughout.

Our goal is for you to build not only this home but your next home with us as well. At DCI Homes we can make all your dreams for your perfect home come true. Build Green Today for a Better Tomorrow.